About Us

The KAATSU International for Undergraduate-studies (KIU) is fully committed to providing local and international students with the highest quality in education with pioneering degrees and world class facilities in Sri Lanka.

We know where we are heading

Our purpose is to become Sri Lanka’s 1st ranked private sector education institute, the preferred choice for the students as well as academics, where the highest student values are cherished and the student experience is not second to anywhere else in the world. We have commenced with a greater focus on Health Sciences and will soon spread our wings with Law, Engineering and Medicine faculties to give you the completest breadth of education courses. Our vision is fully supported by the Board of Management who has pledged a further Rs. 2.5 billion investment in the next five years to support the expansion in the portfolio.

We have the people to do it

We have some of the most respected PhD’s and MSc’s within our fold than any other private education institutes in Sri Lanka. They will provide you the highest quality education while exposing you to many practical scenarios that will take you to the core of the subjects; whilst incorporating the new innovations to your course.

We take you beyond boundaries

Our research will break new ground and give you the impetus to challenge conventional theory. You will engage yourself in projects with the participation of the public and private sector corporates and you will be part of a team providing tangible solutions to some of the pressing problems in the region, through your research findings.