Vice Chancellor’s Message

Vice Chancellor

Snr. Professor Neluka Fernando
MBBS, Dip. Micro (UOC), PhD (London)
Honorary Vice Chancellor KIU


Welcome to KIU, where we nurture excellence and strive to create a positive change for a better world. Today Sri Lanka is at a juncture where a large student population is making it into higher education every year. As the state higher education institutions cannot cope with this influx, nonstate sector, private institutions have stepped in to serve the need. KIU has risen to this challenge of providing education to these students in Sri Lanka.

At KIU we have created a vibrant and enriching teaching- learning culture that inspires and create a qualified dynamic work force for the future. KIU is committed to provide its students with the finest education, ensuring the highest quality in teaching endowed with comprehensive knowledge and professional skills to grapple with the demands of the rapidly evolving world. Further, KIU provides an excellent supportive learning environment including state-of-the-art facilities where students will experience global standards. It is my privilege to be associated with KIU, as this unique institute ensures that our nations young generation is provided with the best opportunities that enable them to fulfill their career dreams.

KIU today has progressed to be one of the leading private sector higher educational institution in Sri Lanka providing both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Our graduates and postgraduates are world class, with excellent scholastic and academic achievements complemented with skills. The Research unit of KIU has developed tremendously with our academics and some of our students publishing in prestigious journals and in the KIU online journal. I am happy to announce that we are spear heading forward in research. I invite you to join KIU. Together we will achieve your dream.