The Leo Club of KIU

The Leo club of KIU was established in 2018 with the vision of “Strive to Serve” and the initiative was taken by Leo Chamal Kariyawasm, who sworn in as the charter President of the Leo Club of KIU for the Leoistic year 2019/2020. The Leo Club of KIU was formed with the intention of extending a hand of support for the development of youth in KIU while developing their leadership skills and other vital qualities in building a well-equipped young generation with humanity. Moreover, the club functions as a community service provider under the largest service organization in the world: The Lions Club International.

The Leo club of KIU is open to all the students in KIU who are aged between 18-30. So far the Leo Club of KIU has taken part in numerous community service projects as well as fundraising projects to help different people. Currently, the Leo club of KIU has a strong foundation of more than 200 registered Leos.

The Leo Club of KIU Logo



The LEO Club of KIU Executive Committee for the Leoistic year 2019/2020

Staff Advisor: Ms. D.G.Hiranya Buddhini

President: Leo Chamal Vichakshana Kariyawsam.

Vice President: Leo Dinushini Nammida Ekanayake.

Secretary: Leo Lasni Pamalka Hettiarachchi.

Treasurer: Leo Sajeendra Shanuka Wadduwage.

Assistant Secretary: Leo Yumna Gunawardena.

Assistant Treasurer: Leo Sandesh Samarasinghe.