Student Support

In order to ensure that every individual who comes to KIU receives all the support they require the Student Centre was established. Our Student Services Centre at the Registrar’s office is the focal point of contact for your administrative dealings with us; including questions relating to finance, immigration, student ID cards, library memberships, textbooks, exams or graduation. Through this center we wish to provide our students with the best possible supportive and hassle-free environment within KIU premises.

Student Counseling Unit

The Student Counselling Unit at KIU aims to offer confidential and professional help to the students to adapt to the university culture and experience minimal stress, as the phase of transferring from school life to university life can be stressful for the majority of individuals who are enrolled on undergraduate programs.

Student Counselling is the process of assisting, guiding and empowering students to resolve their academic, personal, social or psychological problems/difficulties and foster success in meeting their academic/ life goals.

Students can reach out to the Student Counselling Unit through the referrals made by the mentors, or they can self-refer themselves to the counselling Services through an appointment. Also, the students are given a hotline number to call in case of an emergency. We recognise the need to promote our students’ mental health and well-being.

General Hotline:


One to one Psychosocial Support is Available at the Counselling Unit in KYO ITO premises, KIU.

Monday – Friday    8.00 AM – 4.00 PM

Saturday          8.00 AM – 11.00 AM

You are not in this alone; We, the student counselling unit of KIU, are closer to you than ever.

Contact your respective mentor or student counsellor of the faculty to get the necessary support.

Childcare at KIU

KIU offers “on- campus childcare facilities.” Childcare Unit is for the parents who are studying at KIU. It will give you peace of mind to concentrate on your studies.

We accept children aged between 3 months and one year and the parents who use the KIU Childcare Unit are expected to come along with a babysitter.

Health and Fitness

The KIU provides a full range of primary care medical services through registered medical centers including prescriptions for all medication, blood tests, direct access to x-ray, MRI scans, travel vaccination and advice on counseling and mental health.

Our Gymnasium and Fitness Center has several facilities, including strength-training equipment, cardio machines, free weights section, and treadmills to cater to different training purposes and fitness levels. The gym has qualified student fitness instructors on duty who provide personal fitness assessment, personal training program, strength and conditioning program and nutrition, and exercise safety program. To ensure safety and hygiene, gym users are made to observe and follow good gym protocol and rules provided by KIU.

Disability support

If you have additional needs arising from a medical condition, a specific learning difficulty or any kind of problem that you feel may cause difficulties for your studies, our Disability support office at the Health Care unit is well equipped to deal with and provide a solution to your problem. We encourage all applicants to inform us of these issues at the time of applications to arrange in advance any solutions you may require. Regardless of this you may contact us or approach us any time in confidence to seek a solution applicable to you.

IT Services

KIU places great importance on the provision of computing facilities for undergraduate study. The IT infrastructure and the staff of the university are well equipped with all the latest technologies that assist in providing a quality service for the students. Free unlimited Wi-Fi facilities help the students to seek more knowledge and stay up to date. Microsoft O365 accounts help the students to collaborate and do the studies efficiently. Through LMS and student portal students can easily stay in touch with studies and further these facilities enable them to maintain contact with the university at any time.

Student Liaison Office

The Student Liaison Office attached to the Office of the Registrar maintains the personal and academic records of all KIU students. Any change of address, medium of study, civil status, e-mail address, withdrawal from courses, etc., should be immediately informed in writing to the Head of Student Liaison Office.


Main library of KIU is the central knowledge hub to cater to all students and academics of KIU. The resource collection is updated periodically to enable access to current knowledge, related to courses and staff requirements of the university. Our dedicated staff can help you to find what you need, access primary research material, and develop r study and research skills.

Opening hours

Weekdays – 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Weekends – 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.