Getting physically active helps boost energy, mental health and even help in academics. At KIU we motivate our students to do sports. We believe in the motto “Sports for All” and encourage everyone to try something new. KIU offers both beginner classes and coaching for those who wish to participate in sports. Sport is an arena that provides leadership. Further it involves volunteering opportunities for students in addition to team building.


A Report on Our Organized Events and Achievements
  • Inter University Chess Championship ( Organized by SLTC )


  • Friendly Netball Tournament ( Organized by SLIIT )


  • Inter-university Shooting Championship (Organized by Magam Shooting Sports club)


  • Friendly Cricket Tournament (KIU vs SLTC)


  • Inter-Faculty Volleyball Tournament


  • Inter-University the .177 break barrel air rifle event (Organized by Magam Shooting Sports club)


  • Friendly Volleyball Encounter KIU vs NSBM (Organized by Sports and Recreational Club of KIU)

The benefits of engaging in sports are multiple and research suggests that active students were more likely to get a higher grade and were 10% above the expectation of inactive students. Active students were more confident about finding a job shortly after graduation. Further active students also felt less socially isolated, with few feeling left out or that people didn’t know them. Hence KIU sports unit is very active, inviting students to participate in the number of activities available at KIU

  • Chess
  • Caram
  • Table tennis
  • Cricket
  • Air Rifle shooting
  • Volleyball
  • Netball