Researches on Human Resource Department

Human resource management is a discipline that deals with psychology, sociology, and economics. Human resource is crucial resource in the management of an organization. In organizations,  human resource department has the responsibility to manage the behavior of employees. Human resource management is not only focused on the recruitment, it focuses on the other aspects such as training and development, compensation management , performance management, labor relation and strategic human resource management etc. The following topics would be of interest to KIU students wishing to peruse research as part of their curriculum. 


  • Talent Matters to All Stakeholders. There is no question that talent matters to an organization’s success. The talent emphasis has led to numerous innovations in how firms bring people into the organization, move them through the organization, and appropriately move them out of the organization.
  • HR is about People. The expectations of workforce analytics and technology are often too high. Three elements must be considered. In the first place, human behavior is not so easy to predict, even if you have access to loads of people data.
  • Childcare in the could be evaluate with  the performance of the female employee in the organization.
  • The cultural diversity among the employeesin multinational
  • Formation of a team by psychological types could be targeted to analyze the team building and the behavior pattern of the employees.
  • The HR’s role in organizational innovationcould be evaluated through the giant companies which are focused on the innovative products and services.
  • The performance tests of the employees could be evaluated through the well renowned companies  using effective methods to establish the finest employees in the business world market.