Research integrity

At KIU while great emphasize is placed on research that will have an impact on the world, equally KIU will strictly adhere to the maintenance of the highest standards in research integrity, research ethics and good research practice. Research involving human participants, undertaken both by the staff and students, must have ethical approval from the ethics review committee prior to the commencement of the project.

In the year 2017 Ethics Review Committee of the KIU was established to help the researchers in promoting and adhering to ethical principles in research, including obtaining ethical clearance for the research projects.


Ethics Review Committee provides ethical review with accordance and adheres to the guidelines of the Forum of Ethics Review Committees in Sri Lanka (FERCSL) and other relevant national and international legislations and guidelines.


The committee has been formulated in accordance with the by –laws of KIU and functions under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor who takes decisions in accordance with the advice and recommendations of the Senate. Ethics Review Committee members are appointed by the Vice Chancellor upon recommendations of the Senate and at present the committee is consisting of an expert external and internal academic professional representing different sectors. The committee has developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) in accordance with the guidelines of FERCSL.

ERC comprises of the following;

– Chairperson

– Secretary

– Members


Terms and conditions for submission of application:

  • Download the Application Form
  • Applications must be submitted in the format as determined by the ERC.
  • All project proposals must be submitted to the secretary of ERC on or before the last Wednesday of each month for review at the next scheduled meeting.
  • Immediately after the submission of the hard copy, an e-copy of the proposal should be submitted to the secretary of ERC through email “”
  • A fee will be levied for applications submitted for review by the ERC. Fees levied as processing charges for ethical approval for Individual / group research proposals.


Type Fee

Self – funded Rs 500/=

Sponsored / Funded – Rs 1000/=


Proposals submitted by KIU internal staff Free

The applicant shall pay the stipulated fee to the KIU accounts department and shall submit the application along with the payment receipt for review by the ERC.

More Information

Ethics Review Committee,


Tel: +94 (0)11 2741 878 Ext.

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