Research activities of the Nursing Department

Nursing research has an influence on current and future professional nursing practice, thus rendering it an essential component of the educational process. Well-conducted research is vital  for  success of global health. As a nursing department, we are focusing on current health problems, improvement of nursing care delivery  for good patient outcome, quality improvement in nursing and nursing education. At the KIU, BSc Nursing students undertake group projects in their final year under the supervision of qualified visiting lecturers and internal lectures.  Currently  around 60 research projects  involving around 80 undergraduate research projects have been completed.  Further  academics of the department are also engaged in several research projects  with collaboration both locally and globally  (AHEAD research project) (Global RECHARGE, <>).

KIU nursing department, is committed to become the leader in nursing research and establishing a research culture and evidence based practice among the nursing profession in Sri Lanka. As current trends in nursing research, KIU dept of nursing  are  conducting research on preventive health care, adult, geriatric, paediatric nursing care , mental health   and reproductive including women’s health care.    Much effort is made  to disseminate  research findings  through national and international conferences and peer reviewed journals.