Research Activities of Department of Psychology

By definition, Psychology is the scientific study of human mind and behavior and Psychology is in fact a quest for the bigger question “why individuals behave the way they do”. Undoubtedly, Psychology is one of the most interesting branches of science today and any being to walk the earth is influenced or influences Psychology. The main goal of all scientific research is to better explore the humans and the world around them and Psychology, that is mainly focused upon human mind and behavior, is in fact an incredibly interesting field to conduct research. Therefore, deep knowledge in the field of Psychology gained through research will help guide individuals toward understanding humans in a micro level.

The Department of Psychology at KIU, has recognized the importance of research in today’s world and is supporting the research culture in its maximum capacity. The students are given theoretical knowledge and hands on experience on research and are encouraged in every step of their academia to improve their generic and subject specific skills related to research. Also the research conducted by the department is not constricted to the popular disciplines of Psychology but to disciplines that are of utmost importance but not thoroughly researched upon.