Research Activities in the Department of Biomedical Science

Biomedical research comprises of many fields including Medical Microbiology, Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology, physiology, pharmacology, Molecular biology, epidemiology and Pathology. The main expected outcomes through research in this field is to develop new medicines or medical procedures or improve the application of those already available. Further there are a lot more to be explored in this field where gap of knowledge and data are deficient. The department of Biomedical Science focuses on the possible innovative research such as utilization of natural herbal plants to create antimicrobial products, explore the causes, facts and interconnections related to certain diseases and designing novel molecular biology protocols. There are more than 30 research projects being carried out by the undergraduates and the, academic members are involved in research work with research grants from recognized funding bodies (AHEAD project) and have published their work in indexed journals such as the Journal of integrative medicine (Elsevier).  

The department of Biomedical Science aims to create a rich research culture and train the students to become inventors and talented scientists that one day will revolutionize the health sector of the country, being recognized by the scientific community. The students are highly motivated and encouraged to publish their research work in local and international forums where they will gain true value and recognition for their hard work and become visible as a young scientist.