Quality Assurance Unit

The quality assurance unit of KIU was established as per recommendation of the University Grants Commission, to facilitate the quality assurance activities.

Internal Quality Assurance Mechanisms and Procedures

KIU has set a series of procedures and systems about its educational provision through the established Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU) of the institute. All academic activities of KIU are monitored through proper documentation of all its teaching, learning and assessment processes, creating instruments to obtain feedback from students, peer evaluation and ensuring transparency and accountability at examinations etc. The institution has set up a centralized quality assurance unit to promote, coordinate and maintain its internal quality assurance system.


Functions and Responsibilities of KIU IQAU

  • The key responsibilities of the KIU IQAU includes the following:
  • Co-ordination of all QA related activities within the in Implementation of QA Reviews/Audits and follow-up action;
  • Preparation of institutional Self Evaluation Report (SER);
  • Provision of advice on QA to all Faculties and Departments
  • Monitoring and guidance in Faculty level QA activities;
  • Organization, where necessary, of awareness programmes on QA for the staff members;
  • Quality and QA aspects in the institution’s corporate plan;
  • Facilitation of identification and sharing of good practices between academic departments;
  • Preparation of QA-related guidelines and manuals for use within the institution (e.g. academic regulations, equipment manuals, laboratory manuals etc.)
  • Ensure the necessary by-laws are in place, and if not, make recommendations for remedial action.


Other Activities include:

  • Conduct Faculty Level Awareness Programmes among staff members and staff development programmes
  • Establishment of Faculty QA Cells in future, and defining their duties and responsibilities;
  • Initiate and support preparation of SER for Institutional Reviews;
  • Motivate as many Departments as possible to prepare SERs for Subject/Programme Reviews.


Members of the IQAU

  • Chairman
  • Director
  • Secretary
  • Coordinating Secretary
  • Faculty Deans
  • Faculty Coordinators
  • Heads of Departments
  • Department coordinators
  • Senior members of departments
  • Registrar
  • Assistant Registrar – Examination
  • Bursar
  • Librarian


Staff Development Programme for Academic Staff of KIU

KIU recognizes the value of staff development to achieve academic excellence and personal goals. Moreover, it is believed to contribute to the efficient and effective operation of the institute.

Staff Development Programme aims to enhance excellence across the range of academic practice by developing individuals and boosting their careers. Academic staff development supports the personal and professional learning of academic staff, as well as the organizational development needs of KIU. It is a vital investment from which staff, students, the KIU itself and the wider community will benefit.

The Staff Development Programme covers a variety of topics that are essential for university lecturers and understanding of which help them navigate through their career and daily life at any higher education institution.


Workshops Completed

  • Orientation as a University Teacher
  • Academic Guidance and Counseling
  • Teaching and Learning Methods
  • Student Assessment and Evaluation
  • Curriculum Design, Revision and Reforms
  • Research in Higher Education


Workshops Planned for February and March 2020

  • Research and Development Procedures
  • Examination Regulation