Center for Quality Assurance (CQA)

The quality assurance unit of KIU was established as per recommendation of the University Grants Commission, to facilitate the quality assurance activities.


The apex body responsible for the Quality Assurance of the KIU is the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA). It is responsible for coordinating and carrying out the QA activities of the KIU, promoting and sharing good practices, facilitation of external quality assessment and liaising with the Quality Assurance Council (QAC).

Objectives and Functions of the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA)

  • Institutionalize the culture of quality assurance (QA) in line with the national education policy and international best practices.
  • Ensure that the QA procedures of the University are in line with national requirements and UGC regulations.
  • Develop and maintain a favourable perception of the University through improved quality of education based on the consistent practice of QA procedures.
  • Prepare for external evaluation.
  • Co-ordinate all QA related activities within the University/Institution.
  • Implementing QA Reviews/Audit and implementing follow-up action.
  • Preparation of Guidelines on QA for the University/Institution.
  • Monitor and guide faculty level QA activities.
  • Contribute Quality and QA aspects into the corporate plan.
  • Identification and sharing of good practices with other departments.
  • Ensure that academic regulations/By-Laws are in place, if not make recommendations for remedial action.

In accordance with these objectives, the IQAU is expected to carry out the following functions.

  • Support in preparation for external QA assessments and accreditation requirements.
  • Offer guidance and assistance in defining programme objectives and outcomes, graduate profiles, and course curricula, which are in accordance with national reference points such as Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework (SLQF) and Subject Benchmark Statements (SBSs).
  • Support the establishment and effective functioning of IQACs of faculties.
  • Promote and coordinate all QA related activities within the university through the conduct of workshops, seminars, development of manuals (e.g., Academic regulations, equipment manuals, laboratory manuals etc.), and other appropriate capacity building activities.
  • Liaise with the QAC of the UGC and other external quality assurance agencies as well as relevant international agencies.
  • Develop, review and revise by-laws, manual of operations and standard operational procedures necessary for governance and management of the CQA.

Members of the IQAU

  • Vice Chancellor (Chairperson)
  • Director, CQA
  • Secretary, CQA
  • Registrar (or nominee)
  • Senior Assistant Registrar
  • Deans of all Faculties of Study
  • Bursar (or nominee)
  • Librarian (or nominee)
  • Heads of Non-academic divisions (or nominee)
  • Heads of the departments (or nominee)
  • Chairperson, Staff Development Committee
  • CQA Coordinator
  • IQAC Coordinators of Faculties
  • IQAC Coordinators of Departments

Staff Development Programmes for the Academic Staff of KIU

KIU recognizes the value of staff development to achieve excellence in the academic careers and the organizational development of KIU. Therefore, CQA liaise with Staff Development Committee to conduct workshops as staff development is vital in quality education.

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