Other Campuses

Due to the ever-increasing student population, currently available lecture hall space inadequate enough to enroll new students. With the establishment of the proposed building KIU will be able to provide more opportunities for those students who wish to pursue their higher education in the private sector

Sakura Campus

Located approximately 300 M from the main university building the Sakura Campus is a 21-storied ongoing construction project of KIU University. It is dedicated to the students of Software Engineering, Computer Networks and Cyber Security, Management Information Systems, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Law, and other upcoming programs. It is scheduled to construct laboratories relating to Robotics, Network, Audio, Hardware, the Internet of Things, Software Engineering, Anatomy and Physiology, Language laboratories, and many other laboratories as well. Additionally, lecture halls, a library, a studio, a canteen, an auditorium, and other facilities will also be available.

Kyo Campus

Located approximately 350 M from the main university building the Kyo Ito Campus is dedicated to the Career Guidance Center, Student Counselling Center, Department of Acupuncture, Acupuncture Clinic, Caregiver Training Centre, Study and Research Center, Language Center, Indoor/ Outdoor Sports Center, and Welfare Center.