Moving beyond the traditional boundary in pursuit of excellence within the digitalized educational sphere

Amidst the challenging consequences of COVID 19, KIU has emerged with their digitalized educational strategies to uphold the educational standards of the students inspiring them to move forward with their academic activities despite the obstructing issues and hardships. Thus, embracing the technology enhanced learning and teaching, KIU academics have endeavored to establish an online educational platform applying the diverse technological tools, for instance Microsoft teams, Learning Management system – Moodle etc. Furthermore, in resolving the issues and constrains that evolve in adhering to this novel educational strategy, KIU has engaged in the process of brining forth an innovative Leaning Management System incorporating advanced technological applications which will provide the students with a student- centric learning methodology.

Ensuring that flexibility and consistency are maintained across all the academic programmes, we focus on achieving the intended learning outcomes thus continuing the academic process at a methodical and consistent phase. In the distant learning program, students are provided with the comprehensively developed lecture notes and supplementary reading materials thus assisting them to achieve notional hours by extra reading and finding information. For degrees which have a practical component, all the theory based on practical is made available for students, along with video links and practical guide that enable them to get the full-length knowledge about the practical. With the objective of maximizing the productivity of this newly introduced learning method, the students’ active participation and attentive involvement are closely monitored thus encouraging them to engage in completing assignments and activities while providing them with the necessary constructive feedback.

Since the Nursing undergraduates of KIU are in the frontline fighting the battle against the global pandemic, COVID 19, online lecturing sessions have not commenced for them and yet we, KIU team offer our heartfelt gratitude for their strenuous endeavor and contribution.

KIU thus will move forward encountering all the challenges and successfully surmounting the obstacles in establishing an innovative online learning atmosphere with global standards.

Our battle begins here……