President’s Message


Dr. Jagath Seneviratne


Welcome to KIU, a place with academic excellence. I’m privileged and honored to be able to lead an exceptional university such as KIU. From the very beginning, we envisioned producing graduates who are skillful, knowledge savvy, and well-disciplined that will thrive in the global job market and will suit the future needs of the world. I’m proud to state that KIU has provided an increased number of higher education opportunities in various trending fields both STEM and HEMS, fulfilling the higher education dream of the qualified students and professionals from all over the country, where the state sector is unable to accommodate and cater to all these students. It is our mission to contribute to the development of our country by creating an efficient workforce through the provision of quality education to the students while creating a sound research culture. At present, KIU is recognized as one of the leading non-state universities in Sri Lanka producing thousands of phenomenal graduates.

We as a non-state university have emerged to meet the current and future needs of the country and the world, by offering high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. We have fostered a nurturing teaching and learning culture that not only provides students with the proficiency they desire but also assists them to evolve in the discipline they prefer in order to be distinguished individuals, who can face the challenges of the modern world.

We provide a great service to the students through our highly qualified and energetic academic panel, state of the art facilities, and student support programmes to prepare them for the professional world.

We invite all eligible students to fulfill their higher education goals with KIU.