KIU School of Agriculture and Livestock Management

Diploma in Agriculture and Livestock Management(DALM)

Our “Diploma in Agriculture and Livestock Management” program at KIU Agriculture and Livestock Management Training School provides a solid foundation in agricultural concepts and livestock management techniques. Whether you’re aiming to kickstart your career in agriculture or expand your knowledge in the field, this professional qualification equips you with valuable insights into farming and livestock practices, both in Sri Lanka and beyond.

Career Opportunities

In Sri Lanka:
  • Farm Management: Oversee agricultural and livestock operations for optimal productivity.
  • Agricultural Extension Services: Educate and assist local farmers to improve their practices.
  • Agribusiness Management: Focus on marketing, distribution, and sales of agricultural products.
  • Research and Development: Contribute to agricultural research and technology advancements.
  • Livestock Farming: Specialize in dairy, poultry, or cattle farming.
  • International Agricultural Organizations: Collaborate with global organizations on agricultural development projects.
  • Consultancy: Provide agricultural and livestock management expertise to international clients.
  • Research Institutions: Join research institutions worldwide, contributing to global agriculture solutions.
  • Livestock Export: Explore opportunities in countries with growing demand for animal products.

With this diploma, you’ll be ready for a rewarding career in agriculture and livestock management, whether at home in Sri Lanka or on an international stage. Join us to cultivate your skills and access exciting opportunities in this dynamic industry.