ICT O/L Seminar Series -2024 (Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering)

ICT O/L Seminar Series -2024 (Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering)


On April 9th, 2024, our students of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at KIU embarked on a special mission to support and uplift O/L ICT students. They conducted O/L seminars for —Kolonnawa Girls College colombo, Vidyawardana Maha Vidyalaya Baththaramulla, and President College, Kotte.

Our Purpose:

At KIU, we believe in the power of education to transform lives. That is why we decided to share what we know and provide invaluable support to students preparing for their O/L ICT examinations. Through interactive sessions, insightful discussions, and practical tips, we wanted to give these young students the things they need to do really well in their studies and in life.

Collaborative Learning:

However, our visit was not only about teaching – it was also about learning and making connections. We were excited to talk with students from different schools, encouraging teamwork, and friendship. It was a really good experience for everyone, as we talked about ideas, shared our stories, and made friendships that will last, even though we went to different schools.

At KIU, we really care about doing well in school and making them a part of our community. This visit showed how much we care about helping students with their education and working together. We are happy we could help these O/L ICT students and make a good difference in their lives. Furthermore, we want to keep doing more to help young people learn about technology.

We are the motivators, we are the cheerers, and we are the leaders.