AHEAD Project

Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) is a World Bank Funded Sri Lankan government operation to support the higher education sector.

The three Results areas the AHEAD operation will focus on are:

1. Increasing enrollment in higher education with special emphasis on study programs required for an aspiring upper-middle-income economy

2. Broadening and deepening modern teaching and learning approaches that combine academic excellence with high-quality socio-emotional skills

3. Promoting a vibrant research and innovation culture that can support economic development, especially the growth of higher-value industries and services


HEI – SL Cell office at KIU was established on 10th June 2019. With the establishment of KIU HEI Cell, the KIU research unit which was functioning separately was in cooperated to the HEI Cell, to monitor and guide the research and innovations that are being carried out at KIU and to improve the funding capacity.


KIU research unit consists of an advisory board, head and a deputy head, academic staff members and senior students. The advisory board consists of renowned senior researches and academies who will monitor and guide this unit


KIU won the DOR project through the AHEAD operations Sri Lanka;

“Factors associated with substance abuse and effectiveness of newly developed rehabilitation program for termination of substance abuse”


This research is aimed at finding a new rehabilitation technique that would pave a way to implement an effective rehabilitation program for those who are abusing drugs in Sri Lanka. As the current rehabilitation programs have proved to be ineffective as shown by the increasing relapse rates among the rehabilitates.


As substance abuse is a major social and economic issue in this country an effective program to overcome this menace would be a great benefit for the society as a whole.

The HEI cell will function broadly under the following principles:

  • Developing research proposals and application support
  • Training the next generation of interested and potential researchers
  • Ensuring research integrity and safety
  • Cutting edge facilities to create a world class research environment
  • Empower our staff and students to achieve the full impact of their research
The first webinar organized by the Technology Transfer Office of KIU was successfully conducted on the 10th June 2023. (Saturday) We thank our resource person for the day, Ms. Nimesha Herath, for sharing her knowledge and expertise on the subject. Click Here to view the webinar recording: WEBINAR on PATENT Application process INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP)...
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“Herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years!”. There is an increased recognition, and research conducted to validate the use of herbal medicinal products worldwide, paving a new era of treatment through therapeutic use of herbs. On this ground, a student team of KIU organized a webinar on “Research and Development in Herbal Medicine”...
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  On 08th March 2021, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between KIU and the National Dangerous Drug Control Board (NDDCB) with regards to the Development Oriented Research (DOR) Project functioning under the KIU Higher Education Society Linkage Cell (HEI-SL-Cell). KIU DOR Project; “Factors Associated with Relapses of Substance Use Disorder after the Residential...
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