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The Faculty of Law of KIU is the gateway to becoming a world-class professional in the field of law with a Sri Lankan touch. Our law graduates who will pursue their degree at KIU will not only emerge with a highly reputed four-year honours degree in law but will be equipped with a profound understanding of the enduring bedrock principles that underpin justice. As they venture out into the world, they carry with them a treasure trove of advantages – a razor-sharp intellect, a moral compass guiding them, and the adeptness to navigate intricate international as well as local legal landscapes with finesse.

A true jewel in the crown of our Faculty of Law is the renowned moot court, where students can sharpen their advocacy skills, grapple with authentic legal scenarios, and cultivate the confidence to stand before the bench. It is here that the art of argumentation reaches its zenith, preparing our students for the formidable challenges of presenting robust and pragmatic legal arguments in a courtroom or inculcating the intricacies of negotiation, mediation and arbitration through alternative methods of dispute settlement mechanisms.

Our commitment to providing our students with a global perspective further elevates the stature of our Law Faculty. Graduates have the unique opportunity to partake in international collaborations and exchanges and engage in groundbreaking legal research, cultivating a global outlook that is increasingly indispensable in today’s interconnected world. Our graduates are not just legal professionals; they are ambassadors of justice on the global stage, ready to contribute to the advancement of the rule of law and the betterment of society. Equipped with the extraordinary opportunities offered by our faculty, they are prepared not only to navigate the challenging legal landscape but to redefine it. These graduates emerge as world-class legal professionals, poised to uphold justice in a rapidly evolving world. Our Faculty of Law is the platform where the journey begins, but its impact resonates on a global scale, leaving an indelible mark on the world of law and justice.


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