Department of Nursing Education

The Department of Nursing Education integrates staff expertise in Communication in Nursing, Teaching, and Learning for Adults, Soft Skills Development, Theoretical Bases in Nursing, Trends and Issues in Nursing, Leadership and Management in Nursing, and Nursing informatics. The Department prepares a graduate nurse to provide safe, competent, caring interventions, and patient care management through sound clinical decision-making, effective communication, and leadership skills. Moreover, integrity, respect for the individual, ethical behavior, accountability, and lifelong learning are improved through the content of different modules.

The competencies of a nursing graduate are:

  • Provide safe, quality, culturally appropriate, patient-centered care to patients, families, and groups supported by evidence-based clinical decisions and patient preferences in a variety of settings;
  • Communicate effectively with patients and members of the inter-professional health care team to provide and coordinate safe, quality, patient-centered care;
  • Demonstrate management and leadership knowledge and skills in the delivery of quality health care to patients while contributing to the effectiveness and efficiency of the work unit;
  • Integrate legal and ethical principles into standard-based professional nursing practice.