Department of Medical Science in KAATSU

The Department of Medical Science in KAATSU is dedicated to the development of globally accredited competent KAATSU professionals with a sense of commitment, responsibility, accountability and responsiveness to meet the healthcare and physical fitness needs of the global population.

The Department of Medical Science in KAATSU offers various courses for students willing to tread an exciting path in pursuing KAATSU Medical Practices. Our courses are designed to provide a deep understanding on how KAATSU practices operate on the human body and to enable a student to perform as a qualified KAATSU practitioner, who maintains social, ethical, legal and professional accountability and strives to further the cause of KAATSU practice using the skills absorbed during the training.


Course Description

“The Japanese character for the expression KAATSU training literally means muscle strengthening training with the addition of pressure. This additional pressure is applied to the arms and legs. The points at which the arms and legs connect to the torso, making use of a special belt, are subjected to pressure during training according to an individually –tailored training regimen” (Sato et al, 2007).

KAATSU is a novel medical practice which is gaining worldwide recognition and accolades. This methodology and philosophy was invented by Professor Sir, Yoshiaki Sato, M.D., Ph.D, FNAI who initially conducted experiments on himself to obtain empirical evidence. Followed by 4 decades of research on KAATSU, he now holds 47 patents related to KAATSU medical practice.  KAATSU’s recognition around the world can be attributed simply to its potential to utilize drug and supplement free training methods and as a result, KAATSU research centres formerly operated in the University of Tokyo, Japan, and now operate in Harvard Medical School, USA and Jilin University, China.Furthermore, accredited Training Centres now operate in Denmark to offer certificate level course to the Scandinavian country cluster, namely Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Faculty Of Health Sciences

Department of Medical Science in KAATSU

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Sri Lanka.

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Academic Staff

Dr. Indrapala Chandrasekaram

External consultant

MBBS, PG. Diploma

Mr. Vimukthi Asahara Samaranada

Assistant Lecturer

BSc honors in Medical science in Acupuncture

Ms. Hasani Yapa


BSc honors in Biomedical Science, KIU