Department of Languages

The Department of Languages is dedicated to the study of languages through implementing courses ranging from introductory language skills to upper-level courses on specific topics. The departmental language platform facilitates our undergraduate and postgraduate students to improve their English, French, and Japanese language skills focusing on many different facets of literary, cultural, and linguistic expression found in the spoken and written languages featured in the department.

The well-experienced and qualified lecturers of the department lead the way for the students to obtain novel linguistic experiences through approaching the domains of globally recognized and popular languages. The language programmes offered by the department provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice their target language while immersing in the culture and diverse linguistic features of the target language.

English Language Programmes

The English language programmes have been formulated for the development of undergraduates. The competency of English is of paramount importance to career mobility. Hence, to equip them with the competency that is required to enhance their employability, ‘Elementary’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ certificate programmes have been conducted to improve the English language competency of the students.  

IELTS Training Forum

IELTS training forum is designed to maximize success on tests by equipping students with the strategies they need to succeed and improve their academic performance on the IELTS test. 

French Language Programmes

The French language programmes are designed to explore the diverse cultures of the French-speaking world. French language platform aims to facilitate students with the pathway to reach B2 competency level while improving their communication skills in diverse employment sectors such as business, technology, education, international health care, etc. Studying French at KIU is a multifaceted and invaluable experience for the students.

Japanese Language Programmes

The Department of Languages expects to meet the higher demand for employment opportunities in Japan through its Japanese Language programmes. These programmes are designed to provide the students with expertise and knowledge at the N3 level and above, enabling Sri Lankan students to obtain a great opportunity to pursue their career dreams in Japan. This Japanese language class is designed to improve the four skills of the language – [listening, reading, speaking, and writing] in order to acquire basic Japanese operational skills.

Areas that are covered are,

  • Japanese Reading and Writing.
  • Japanese Conversation.
  • Japanese Grammar.
  • Japanese History and Culture.
  • Japanese Lifestyle & Rules of Japanese Society.
  • Preparation for Technical Intern Training.
  • Preparation for Skilled Specified Workers.

Teaching methods used in class.

  • Communicative language teaching (CLT)

Based on real-life situations, to learn how to use their language skills to communicate in the real world.

  • Cooperative Language Learning (CLL)

Makes the maximum use of cooperative activities involving pairs and small groups of learners in the classroom. (Student-centered learning through pairing)

  • The Direct Method

All teaching happens in Japanese, forcing the learner to think and speak in that language. (All-in Japanese exercises)

  • Grammar-Translation

Prioritises translation from English to Japanese and vice versa.

(To easily memorize the meaning, rules and formats)


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Academic Staff

Ms.D. Nimesha Amarasooriya

Head, Department of English

PhD (Reading), MA (Linguistics),

BA (Special) Languages-Specialization in English

Ms.Savithri Karunanayake


Master of Arts in Linguistics (MA -University of Kelaniya)

Bachelor of Arts (BA English -University of Colombo)

Ms.Salmini Kavindya Gamachchige

Assistant lecturer

BA(Hons)in Japanese

Ms.R.M.Ayoma Ranasingha

Assistant lecturer

BA Japanese University Of Sabaragamuwa

Ms.U.G. Piyumi Nawanjala

Assistant lecturer

Bachelor of Arts (BA English- University of Sri Jayewardenepura)

Ms.Anjalee Indrachapa Karunananda


M,A. English and Education (reading), SUSL

BA (Hons.) Translation Studies, SUSL

Higher Diploma in English, (SUSL)