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Master Of Business Administration In Management Strategy (SLQF10)
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What to expect in MBA Strategy?

As a graduate of our MBA in Strategy, you will be enriched with a knowledge on understanding the measurability and the accountability of business growth. Further, develop an overall strategy to expand the growth of your organization. You will have the practical skills you need to research how to market your product and the confidence to carry out your business strategy, no matter what platform you decide to use additional you will be made familiar with the tools and applications and the social media revaluation and be ready to plan, implement, manage and measure your efforts.

Features of the MBA at the KIU
  • Weekly interactive sessions
  • 24 months
  • 5 real projects implemented in your own
  • Delivery method is by English medium
  • Acting learning method

Path To MBA

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”
– Sun Tzu

MBA in Strategic Management

Do you approach business like a game of chess?
Do you find yourself naturally sizing up the competition’s position, anticipating threats and opportunities for advancement, and thinking several moves ahead?

Do you thrive on competition, enjoy crafting smart business tactics, and love using your insights to achieve a win for your company?

If you have a knack for strategy and tactics in business, you’d be a great candidate for an MBA in strategic management.

The world of business is complex, competitive, and constantly evolving. To succeed in this climate, companies need to detect and seize opportunities, avoid unnecessary risks, maximize profits, earn a strong reputation, and stay a step ahead of the competition. In other words, companies need to make smart and sound business decisions. To do that, they need professionals with skills in strategic management.

Every business has a mission statement, and every organization must work hard to keep their practices and performance in line with it. That means those with an MBA in Strategy can find employment across all sectors of the business world.

While businesses of all sizes employ strategic managers, large companies such as those mentioned above pay generous salaries and benefits, and offer plenty of room for professional advancement, making them attractive places to work. 

MBAs in general have broad marketplace applications, with companies in every industry relying on MBAs as managers and executives. An MBA in strategy has an even broader marketplace value than a general MBA, since this degree is not confined to a single industry or department.

All companies need effective managers who can help their businesses stay competitive and gain a larger market share by developing and implementing strategic plans. This holds true regardless of business size, industry, history, or culture. By teaching universal business principles like consulting, business development, risk management, and planning, an MBA in strategy gives graduates access to a broad market. 

Eligibility to apply for admission to the MBA Degree programme is determined according to the following criteria:  One of the following qualifications: 

  1. Bachelor’s degree in any subject area from a recognized university/institution with two years’ post qualifying relevant experience.
  2. Postgraduate Diploma of not less than one year or Higher Degree in any other field from a recognized university/institution with two years relevant experience
  3. One of the following professional qualifications with two years’ post-qualifying relevant experience. Diploma in Marketing awarded by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) Professional qualification in Human Resource Management from the Institute of Personal Management
  4. English proficiency is required.

It’s not only possible, but popular to earn this sought-after degree online. In fact, we’ve recently researched and ranked the Best Online MBAs in Strategic Management. These degree programs usually follow the same curriculum as a traditional MBA program, and in many cases the actual MBA delivered by schools with both on-campus and online divisions will be identical. 

Online MBA programs like those we’ve ranked are more flexible than traditional on-campus MBA programs, as they are designed to fit the schedules of working professionals. A typical online MBA program will feature asynchronous and synchronous course content, so students can interact with professors and peers for some class assignments and lessons, while also working independently at whatever time of day works best for them. Being able to save commuting time, study from any location, and work around an existing schedule makes an online MBA far more convenient for those already holding down management positions, and is a popular choice among mid-career professionals.