Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology

Entry Requirements

  • Individuals who have successfully completed their A/L and have obtained at least 3 simple passes in any stream along with a simple pass for English at O/L

8 (4 Years)

Psychology is a subject which is unique as it’s an area where most subjects intersect. As such there is always a huge demand for qualified psychologists as well as for other professionals in the field of study. However, there exists a huge void in the education sector in Sri Lanka as the opportunities are lacking to study Psychology as a degree level programme which is accredited in Sri Lanka itself.

Thus, KIU offers a curriculum which is locally developed and approved by the UGC while offering the highest number of Elective Modules in a Psychology Degree Programme in Sri Lanka and our programme is the only Bachelor’s Degree Programme with both the independent research study and the Placement. The programme is delivered by a panel of PhD, MPhil and MSc qualified eminent lecturers who hold the highest qualifications in the field of Psychology


Year One

Semester One

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Biological basis of Psychology
  • Research Methods I
  • Cognitive Psychology I

Semester Two

  • Social Psychology
  • Motivation and Emotion
  • Research Methods II
  • Cognitive Psychology II

Year Two

Semester Three

  • Developmental Psychology I
  • Abnormal Psychology I
  • Psychology of Personality
  • Skills Development in Psychology

Semester Four

  • Developmental Psychology II
  • Abnormal Psychology II
  • Critical Psychology
  • Applied Psychology

Year Three

Semester Five

  • Dissertation I
  • Test and Measurements I
  • Clinical Psychology (Elective)
  • Educational Psychology (Elective)
  • Working with disabilities (Elective)

Semester Six

  • Dissertation II
  • Test and Measurements II
  • Organizational Psychology (Elective)
  • Health Psychology (Elective)
  • Psychosocial work (Elective)

Year Four

Semester Seven

  • Dissertation III
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Neuropsychology (Elective)
  • Cross cultural Psychology (Elective)
  • Business Psychology (Elective)

Semester Eight

  • Developmental Psychology III
  • Forensic Psychology (Elective)
  • Sports Psychology (Elective)
  • Psychology of Gender (Elective)
  • Placement

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