Bachelor of Management Honours in Marketing

Entry Requirements

  • Three (03) passes at GCE Advanced Level examination
    Equivalent qualification for international students

8 (4 Years)

Marketing is a popular field of study globally and its popularity is on the increase. This is due to the fact that marketing is a growing industry with many diverse subsets leading to greater job opportunities. The marketing specialists with right set of knowledge, skills and attitude will always have job demand in the market. In marketing and with a specialized degree in the subject which provides from KIU will be armed the graduates to ready and take on any marketing challenges. 

The Bachelor of Management Honours in Marketing degree is conducted in the English medium and covers 120 credits which emphasizes on market identification, product development, customer relationship, service marketing, supply chain management, consumer retailing, marketing research and more. In addition, KIU undergraduates take part in industrial placements in leading companies which provides valuable industry and research experience. This will ensure KIU marketing graduates will have the opportunity to be employed as customer relationship managers, business development officers, Marketing managers and many more.


Year One

Semester One

  • Management Principles and Practices
  • Business & Environment
  • Business Mathematics
  • Micro Economics

Semester Two

  • Elements of Sociology and Psychology
  • Principles of  Accounting
  • Macro Economics
  • Business Communication
  • Business Statistics

Year Two

Semester Three

  • Management Information System
  • Management Accounting
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resources Management

Semester Four

  • Organization Theory
  • Financial  Management
  • Commercial and Industrial  Law
  • Taxation
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibilities
  • Marketing Communication (Elective)

Year Three

Semester Five

  • Auditing
  • Computer Based Business Statistics
  • Personality Development
  • Entrepreneurship and SME
  • Organizational Change  and Development
  • Digital Marketing (Elective)

Semester Six

  • Industrial Training
  • Strategic Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Brand Management (Elective)
  • Customer Relationship Management (Elective)

Year Four

Semester Seven

  • Research Methods and Academic Writing
  • Culture and Management
  • Service Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Advertising Management
  • Product Planning & Pricing Strategy (Elective)

Semester Eight

  • Research Project
  • Operation Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Protection Law (Elective)
  • Strategic Marketing (Elective)

The Faculty of Management, KIU consists of three academic departments that offer unique undergraduate degree programmes in Marketing Management, Human Resources Management and Accounting disciplines. The degree programmes have been designed in the aim of producing academically and professionally competent personnel to take up managerial positions in organizations, create an entrepreneurial culture, and broaden the horizon of knowledge pertaining to the discipline of Commerce & Management.