Green University

“ The concept of green university demands not just the incorporation of a spirit of sustainability into university operations, curriculum planning and daily life on campus; it likewise means providing assistance to the university itself, the community, the society in general, the country and the entire human race in facing a sustainable future through teaching, research, innovation and campus activities”

Green University Initiative Committee at NTNU

Origins of the drive towards achieving a greener world can be traced back to the environmental concerns raised in the backdrop of industrial pollution which was resulting in global warming. Many organizations, recognizing the need for a greener world committed to this drive. Academic Institutions soon realized that they were positioned perfectly to not just commit to being green but to bring that same commitment to reality within their students and have a more lasting impact than any other organization.

From the onset KIU as a responsible educational institute and as a responsible corporate citizen has committed to be a full-fledged green university and also strive to bring greater emphasis on achieving a greener world for the society. KAATSU International University is perhaps one of the most committed to the Green University concept in the world as evidenced by its close association with Green Cross.

KIU has undertaken many environmental projects in Sri Lanka under its Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jagath Seneviratne who is also the president of Green Cross, Sri Lanka. Some of the key projects conducted in affiliation with Green Cross include Green Diary Programme for grade 5 students, launching awareness programmes in areas such as water pollution, degradation of natural forests, effect of heavy use of polyethene and other recycling initiatives in line with our Community service objectives. Further, we have taken extensive efforts to ensure that most of our energy requirements come from clean energy sources such as solar power and it is our aim to rely completely on clean energy solutions for the entirety of our energy requirement in the very near future.

We aim to continue our efforts in the future and we believe that the largest contribution in our part to secure the environment is to instill the same level of commitment of preserving the environment within the minds of our students who will then carry it forward with them and act as advocates.