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Career Guidance Unit (CGU) of KIU was established in December 2018 as per instructions of Honorary Vice Chancellor Senior Professor Neluka Fernando and as a decision taken by the Quality Assurance Unit


The responsibility of CGU is to organize various events, workshops and programs with the intention of making talented and capable graduates from KIU. CGU strongly believes that every student needs high quality career guidance to make informed decisions about their future. Our work thus will support and provide knowledge and train for e pathways set out in the road map enabling students to make this new landscape a reality.

As many undergraduates are not exposed to enough career opportunities to determine the right path, the Career Guidance Unit counsel students and provide them with professional guidance through our well qualified staff members. The Career Guidance Unit at KIU strongly believe  in forming graduates,  who  will possess the ability to make informed decisions about their future.


To generate a capable future workforce from KIU along with necessary skills and professionalism in order to compete in the job market


To ensure employability, empowering undergraduates with required skills, knowledge and competencies, in order to meet the present-day requirements


To develop and maintain an online database for students on job training opportunities and job placements.

Career counselling for students from the first year onwards and making them focus on their future career goals

To guide students to choose their career path according to their specialized areas and align to higher studies.

To organize career awareness events, programmes, seminars and lectures for KIU students.

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