Career Guidance In Management

The aim of career guidance is to achieve following objectives:

  • Guide students to identify potential and choose career opportunities
  • Develop soft skills in dealing with industry
  • Develop network of relationships

Undergraduates are guided to become professionals in business arena locally and internationally in the fields of Marketing, Accounting and Human Resources. The business industry requires dynamic professionals who challenge the business world with their full potential. We at KIU guide, groom and empower our graduates to fulfill the requirements of the industry.

Path of guidance to be a professional

Career as a graduate of Accounting, Human Resource and Marketing

Career opportunities available for graduates are developing rapidly with the dynamic business world. Your degree is the key to open dream destinations of your career. The faculty of management of KIU empowers Accounting, Marketing and Human resource professionals and entrepreneurs to choose right path. The following job opportunities are open for KIU management graduates;

Career as a graduate of Accounting, Human Resource and Marketing

Available post graduate qualification after the degree.

A KIU graduate can apply for following postgraduate programmes to enhance their career,

  • Master of Business Administration (soon to be offered at KIU)
  • Post Graduate Diploma Programmes
  • Masters Programmes (Eg. Operational Research, Economics, Marketing…)

Further, our graduates can enroll in post graduate programmes offered by KIU, local or other prestigious universities globally. Acquisition of academic qualification as of degree, post graduate diplomas, masters, PhD will enable them to climb their career ladder and to become successful entrepreneurs or professionals in the future.

Job Inquiries

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