Campus Facilities

We at KIU invest heavily in our facilities and learning resources, ensuring that our staff and students have access to everything they need to help them succeed in their work and study. The growth of our learning resources has placed KIU as one of the Sri Lanka’s leading universities for study and research.

Disability access

If your disability or medical condition impacts on your ability to move around campus, the campus maps may assist you in planning how to get to your classrooms, teaching areas and other areas you may need throughout the day.

It includes the location of lifts, ramps, accessible paths, accessible toilets and accessible parking spaces.

Campus child care

We at KIU believe in assisting students to maintain a balanced life – academic life and family life. On campus child care facility will ensure maximum security and safety for the children while the students are attending the lectures.

Provide Emergency Care

On-campus health care staff at KIU can provide emergency acre, first-aid treatment, information and referrals on general medical conditions.

Libraries and computer labs

Library is one of the important facility frequently used by students and faculty to support the learning and teaching need. The library’s collections and content are rich in new media, digital works, texts and research materials. You can access your library account and all our digital collections from anywhere on or off campus. Study spaces and computers are available around the clock so you can make the most of your time.

Free Wi-Fi

You can get fast, free, secure Wi-Fi all over campus and in University accommodation. We will help you connect any device you bring with you.


You can get free access to our highly advanced gymnasium. The refurbishment includes restroom areas to provide the members with convenient changing and showering facilities at all times.