Academy of Journalism

The Certificate/Diploma in Mass Media Management is a course that combines both business modules and media modules. Therefore, you are not only able to enter the media industry upon graduation, but you can choose to enter the business industry too.

Media Academy is offering this program to all the students who are interested in entering the media industry. The program is delivered by a panel of qualified lecturers who hold the highest qualification and expertise in the field of Mass Media. The program of the course has been designed in a way that gives you an academic as well as practical knowledge to sharpen your skills to become a fully-fledged media personality. You will be able to work locally or internationally as Journalist/Media Personality and also develop as a professional who can manage a media organization.

Certificate and Diploma in Mass Media Management is designed to provide you with a thorough knowledge on the basics of Mass Media as well as intricate areas such as News Reporting and Writing, Parliamentary reporting etc. For the first time in Sri Lankan Media studies, reporting on matters pertaining to parliament, such as privileges and laws related to it, has been included as a full study course in this program.

Following the successful conclusion of the program of study, the students will be able to fit in to any employment opportunities in media as a Journalist, Anchor, Presenter, Film Director, Script Writer, Dramatist, Producer, Art Director, Dubbing Artist, Audio Visual Editor and many more. Student will get the opportunity to undergo a 3 month-period of internship at a media organization to get the real-life experiences of a media personality after the completion of the Diploma in Mass Media Management.

If someone is passionate about becoming a media personality fully equipped with skills, aptitude, knowledge and management abilities, this is the best course of study for them.